The Bastard Squad is known to operate in the South-West of the UK, primarily the cities of Bristol and Bath.

The Bastard Squad is an enemy of (all) State(s).

The Bastard Squad does not aim for charity but solidarity; however in the world we currently inhabit, resistence movements sadly must often use capitalist currency to sustain themselves in struggle. This is not in any way as good as engaging in said struggle yourself, but in your spare time you can be sure that attending/playing at/helping with Bastard Squad gigs will be strengthening the infastructure of active groups, information on which can be found in the links page. But solidarity means attack – so consider Bastard Squad events as a recruitment drive, not entertainment.

The Bastard Squad believes that bands should get hot vegan food, places to sleep and expenses covered.

The Bastard Squad may be able to help you with further booking if you’re touring the U.K – get in touch.

The Bastard Squad takes issue with macho, racist, sexist, homo/transphobic and other idiotic behaviour at gigs – this includes bands.

The Bastard Squad will not offer you a “guarantee”.

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