Strategy outline for 2010?

There are subversive mutterings across the South West, many plans are afoot for the new year but all we will reveal for now is that deliciously trashy Dutch anarcho-punks Power Is Poison will be appearing at another Bastard’s birthday bash on Sunday June 20th, so keep an eye out for more details on that one soon.

Check out this website’s new feature: a South-West events calender promoting our friends and comrades-in-arms events along with our own, it looks like the start of 2010 will be hot so take a look here.

STILL KICKING!, the benefit CD for the Kebele social centre in Bristol, is out now so get in touch for information on how to get one – or try the infoshop at Kebele, open during Saturday morning vegan fry-up cafe 11am – 2pm (it will also be avaliable at most upcoming gigs in the area). 22 tracks by 22 bands on proper glass mastered discs, international hardcore punk/anarcho-dub/class war folk, cardboard slip-cases by Footprint Workers Co-Op, £5 each, tracklist and artwork here.

Also out is the Jesus Bruiser 10″, six tracks of the “classic” earlier material with the previous line-up of Bristol’s wierd and wonderful anarcho-crust eclectics. Again, this will be available at local gigs, or contact us or the band direct to get hold of  one or if you’re interested in trading. Vegetable ink cover/fold-out poster printed onto recycled paper, £5 each, artwork here.

Another compilation is also in the pipeline. Oh, and that ‘zine? It’s still on. Honest. More soon…


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